Oh la la ! la France

This quilt has everything we like about France, food, fashion , art , poppies and the Eiffel Tower.

“Oh la la” patterns .This is a block of the month quilt,with eight patterns :

  • block one ” Oh la la ! … le café”
  • block two ” Oh la la ! … le Tour de France”
  • block three ” Oh la la ! … les peintres”
  • blocks four and six ” Oh la la ! … les fleurs de lys “
  • block five ” Oh la la ! … la Tour Eiffel “
  • block seven ” Oh la la !  … la Provence “
  • block eight  “Oh la la ! … la mode”
  • block nine ” Oh la la ! … les châteaux”
Wholesalers and shops enquiries welcome

One thought on “Oh la la ! la France

  1. This would be great in my granddaughters new Paris bedroom. Where is this pattern avaible or better yet a kit. Thanks Dee SooooCute

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