Mum’s visit

My Mum came over from Switzerland and stayed for a month. She brought with her lots of UFO ( as per usual). But we managed to finish them all. It was nice to see all those finished projects and she was very happy to put it back in the suitcase knowing it was done.

In the meantime I have been playing with wool felt and beads. It is something that I saw on Pinterest. I put mine on my 10$bag, I think it looks rather nice.

Now that the kids are back at school, the visitor back home I can start burning the midnight oil in order to finish all those projects. Especially “Joséphine” , April is not far away ( we have started training on hot cross buns)……



IMG_0459 copy IMG_0460 copy IMG_0462 copy IMG_0463 copy IMG_0464 IMG_0468 copy

Merci Maman de m’avoir aidée et d’avoir fini mon quilt

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